We have a team of professionally qualified engineers and technicians which the ultimate goal is to provide the best services in plumbing works. A new division is set up for taking up the entire plumbing works.

Our Plumbing Services covers the full spectrum of residential, industrial & commercial plumbing services. Our high level key focus areas are:

Real 24 Hour Service
General Plumbing Services
Geyser Repairs / Replacement
Blocked Drains
Burst / Leaking Pipes
Plumbing installation in new building
Leaking Taps
Bathroom Renovations
Drain Camera Inspections


Faucets and shower heads : 

Check interior and exterior faucets for leaks. Clean aerators. Replace washers if necessary.

Drains : 

Clean with baking soda. Pour water down unused drains.

Pipes : 

Inspect visible pipes for leaks.

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets : 

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Toilets : 

Check for stability and leaks.

Water heater : 

Check area around water heater for leaks. If you have hard water, drain 1-2 gallons water.